December 1, 2010

India Photography Showcase

young Indian kid chasing goats out of the water

poor Indian family on the street preparing to eat

"Once known to be a cradle of the civilization, India still remains a notable player in the world economic, political, and cultural life. This country once gave people buttons and pajamas, dental drill and corrosion-resistant iron, optic fiber and USB, chess and dice, shampoo and swimming pool… The list of Indian discoveries and inventions really impresses, and many of the things, commonly associated today with the Western style of life, actually originated from India

Today, India is a highly diverse county, where the beauty and luxury of the temples neighbor with extreme poverty and sufferings, where tremendous cultural heritage interlaces with the lack and inaccessibility of children education. Like its ancient gods, India always had many faces. The borderless diversity of this country is perfectly illustrated in this India photography showcase Cruzine has prepared for you......." Continue