January 1, 2010

The 10 Best Nude Scenes of the Year

"While the infamous MrSkin.com already published their Best Celebrity Nude Scenes of 2009, we feel it's our duty as cinema experts to choose a list of our own. First of all, our picks are only from film, not Showtime or HBO. Second, we're higher brow, or at least pretend to be, so we consider the artistic merit of the scene, not just "yank factor" (which is exactly what it sounds like)." Read more

1. Jessica Biel, 'Powder Blue'
The most eagerly anticipated nude scene of the year, it is nearly impossible to compete with Biel's topless debut. She arguably has the nicest body in show business and pours hot candle wax across her bare chest. There hasn't be a great candle wax scene since 'Body of Evidence.' Sure, we try to be highbrow, but we're still human.